1. eusong:

    color keys

    These are the color keys for the trailer I was going to make. They are rough and very quickly done, I hope it’s still entertaining to see them for you. These are scenes that I never showed so I thought It’d be nice to show. 

  2. and here are my takes of the charactersssss haha. I hope I don’t look too bad with amazing Nadya and David. The gramma is not the final design. some of the chracters are still rough but, you know, I thought maybe you guys will enjoy.

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  3. Of course, Nadya Mira! Even though some drawings are still rough but there are so many interesting design choices!! Nadya is definitely one of the most inspiring character designer with fresh takes and distintive taste. Her way of joining shapes and elements are amazing. ANYWAY!! you guys should also check out more of her work. because it’s just great. 



  4. The Princess of this film is very very hard character. So I asked David Maingault through Nadya, to simplify the characters and make it even better. Simpler is always..always harder…And I always loved his used of shapes!!! so here they are! Check David’s Blog and his films as well. He is a madly talented man. 




    "And then, What?"

    So, it starts with an ending of her story


  6. Dear followers.

    Happy Easter! Hello friends and followers. It has been quite a while, since the last post regarding the film. I meant to post news sooner, but  things kept coming up, required decisions were not easy ones to be determined. Today, I want to inform you that the production of The Great Promise is on hold. 

    Even to myself, this is very disappointing and sad decision that I arrived to after all. Beyond the beginning of making The Great Promise, I had a quite a run since I came to United States for Calarts. There were ups and downs like every path. However, every time things passed by, it only gave me more assurance that I want to, need to, and dream to keep making films. Because of my tendency to have a sense of “going forward”, I sought to find something that I could call a next step. Fortunately, many people have supported me and believed in me. As I tried my best to make things happen, things really did happen. 

    I met Sarah Kambara, who is the most enthusiastic, wise, and supportive producer. She is the person who any film-maker would dream of. Starting from Sarah, Nadya Mira and David Maingault joined as character designers. Paul Fraser thankfully agreed to help with the film as a sound designer and Karen Tanaka inspired me a lot as the composer of our team. Later on, Nicole Josephian joined us as a compositor and Vitaliy Strokous started animating scenes. Dana Terrace, Helene Leroux, Amelia Lorenz, Natan Moura, Nikolas Ilic, Hyojin Bae, Jaime Williams, Nick Ainsworth and many more! Everyone helped me and advised me little by little, it sure was a miraculous process. Many people have come up to me and willingly offered help and advice. I literarily have no idea how to thank everyone enough. 

    While I have been noticing this miraculous process, I also realized a few things about myself. Basically, the last few months were spent on getting rid of problems that I realized. One of the biggest problem was that I am a foreigner. I am not complaining or speaking it in any negative way. It is just a status of mine that needed to be taken care of, to let myself do what I want to do. Currently I am a full time employee at JibJab. Luckily, JibJab has provided me a visa to stay in the US. But I have been a foreigner for 10 years now, I know that I must be aware of what must be done within this longer scale of time. There are some mistakes I made, so things have gotten quite complicated. Beyond where I stay with whatever visa, it involves family, money, plan and compensations in every different options of path. It became quite clear that I must put myself on a priority and get things done. I must make a better ground to stand on and to jump higher to touch the sky. On top of that, I realized that I must be 100% focusing on the film to be responsible of people. 8 hours of my day is for JibJab, another few hours for sleep, visa work and etc, even though I was as unsocial as possible, I felt like I was not putting enough time in for this project. For that reason, I have arrived to postpone the film for the future. 

    I still want to tell this story and idea. Later, I am going to make this film into something else that I can digest by myself, such as comic or something similar. Then I believe it will help to make this film really happen. Also, there will be some posts regarding what’s been done so far. Not everything, but I want to share whatever is presentable. I hope you enjoy what I could put on the plate for you at this point. Thank you very much. 

    Sincerely, Eusong

  7. these are desings for…..a character in a forrest. 

    I picked out few good ones and painted. hehe. I wanna live there. well, I wish I could. really.

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  8. Happy Valentine’s day. : ) 

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  11. I haven’t had much updates these days. hope you are all doing gooood. I have been…polishing, locking, testing, changing, polishing, testing, struggling and all for another big leap. I thought maybe I’d show this little thing today.

  12. 2014. here we go!!!!

  13. Nadya is a good friend of mine and she helped me to study more indepth design of the princess. from my original idea, it is always quite interesting how things are interpreted and pushed when it goes through a different artist. super inspiring stuff!!

    check out Nadya’s blog as well!!



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  14. I had very lucky chance to work with David Maingualt for design of knight(robot). his shape languages and sense of humor in his work are always so inspiring. check out his blog and his films as well!!

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  15. This drawing, I brings lots of memory back. It’s was a warm up drawing that I did more than a year ago. i guess i was just about to design princess or something.